Anita Okanigbe-John

Best Place To Work

Best Place To Work

We all hear of the phrase ‘Best Place To Work’ but what does it really mean? Are there companies you can consider as the place to work? Are there components that make an organization the ‘Best Place to Work’? The answer is yes.

For the sixth year running, Google has consistently rank top on Fortune list of the Best Companies to Work For. Although you might not be as big as Google or have their networth but you can still ensure that your company is the best place your employees can work. So if you are a business owner and desire to turn your organization into the best place to work, consider below are some components that might help you turn your organization into ‘The Best Place To Work’ in 2018.

  1. Show Appreciation for every good work
  2. Managers/Supervisors should always motivate every staff under him/her.
  3. Freedom of expression should be given to all staff. This can help enhance their work.
  4. Make it easy for staff to approach you and be available when they need you.
  5. Make provision for free medical scheme for all staff.
  6. Make Available all resources and work tools to make it easy for employees to deliver on their goals.
  7. Reward and compensate staff whenever necessary.
  8. Let each staff have a sense of belonging.
  9. Management’s ability to keep their words. Your word should be your bond. Do not promise what you can not deliver.
  10. Management’s ability to listen to employees. When employees do have great ideas, the company should be able to listen.
  11. Provision of health and safety equipments/tools within the organization. Let these equipments be accessible to all staff in case of emergency.
  12. Managers/Supervisors should help staff understand and know themselves. They should be able to recognize staff talents and help them apply it so that each person can bring his/her best to the workplace.
  13. Managers/supervisors should spend time to develop a relationship with each subordinate. They must have idea of what an employee does and understand each employee.
  14. Manager should act more like a coach and mentor, listening and then monitoring the proposed action of the person being coached.
  15. Employees should be allowed to connect through roles, influence and decision-making processes. The connection and coordination necessary to get things done happens because of productive personal relationships based upon trust and reciprocity.
  16. Managers should build organization’s credibility. Building a corporate reputation by focusing on serving customers, having high quality products/services, and attracting, developing and retaining talented people is critically important.
  17. Create an engaging and positive work environment. People are concerned about how the positive or negative impact of the work environment will affect who they are and who they want to become.
  18. Management should make the organization an employee’s first place of choice through continuously implementing small improvement.
  19. Management should encourage and use employee-based measurements to encourage cooperation and collaboration through diagnostic self-assessment, career development and other employee-oriented measurements. The organization must have leaders who know how to motivate people – how to link those performance measures with real rewards.
  20. Constantly generate reliable feedback, identify critical behaviours for success, and provide direction for customized development planning. One of the best ways to guard against employee disconnection is to implement a process of providing and receiving feedback to and from the employee.
  21. Fit employees into roles where they can excel. It’s easy to be an outstanding performer when you’re doing work that interests you and fulfills your inner motivations. It’s tougher to perform well when there is a mismatch between you and your job.
  22. Have an up-to-date individual development plan and access to nontechnical skills training.
  23. Keep talented people by creating a way for employees to feel excited by the work and to know that they are learning valuable skills.
  24. Put in place quality boss/subordinate relationship, supported by viable performance management systems. This will help employees get through those times when someone comes along with a new job offer.
  25. Have a positive corporate culture. It can help employees achieve extraordinary success.
  26. Let employees know that the organization will treat them fairly, will consider their needs and interests, and will share financial success with them. This will make them loyal to the organization. These loyal employees attract like-minded job candidates by telling others within their personal networks.
  27. Make the work environment a place where people can work (carry out their job roles and functions) and have lots of fun. Make work environment efficient for people so that in their personal lives, they can live and enjoy as well as have a great time so that when they’re working, they can focus on getting their work done.
  28. Allow the intelligent people you hire to use their intelligence. Provide avenues for colleagues to socialize and brainstorm. People can come up with great ideas while sharing interesting moments together.
  29. Give power to frontline people and skilled people. Employees that have goals that they are expected to achieve, should be given freedom to do so.
  30. Allow flexibility of work hour. Let individual employee and the teams they work with figure out the best way for them to work together as long as they meet their goals. If you give them freedom, they will amaze you, and surprise you with what they come up with.
  31. If you organisation uses log book, all staff should be encouraged to sign the attendance register but emphasis should be placed on goals/targets rather than employee’s arrival time to the office.

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